Water Is More Precious Than Oil

Having access daily to Fresh Drinking Water is a Right, Not A Privilege.

Availability of Clean Water free of pollutants and contamination is a Necessity of Life that ensures Good Health & Survival

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World Health Organization

 Drinking Water Standards

WHO has established international standards for making available Fresh Drinking Water to ensure Health and Safety. Read More...

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Environmental Impact

Water pollution including plastics, pharmaceuticals, contaminants, lead, etc. diminish available fresh water sources. Read More...

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Water Scarcity

Global Warming has impacted the Environment and Fresh Water Resources. Read More...

Access to Clean Drinking Water

Within the United States there are over 5,300 communities impacted by tainted drinking water. Global estimates of Water Scarcity by 2025 will potentially impact millions of citizens.   
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Our Mission

Water is a human right, not a privilege. We dedicate our philanthropic efforts to ensure a fresh and sustainable supply of drinking water that is not dependent on existing water resources or infrastructure and has No Impact on the environment. Helpful link...

Corporate Citizenship

Fresh Water from Air Not for Profit supports eliminating plastic water bottles through the use of 100% Green Technology Water Generation Units. The water produced via patented Water from Air processes meets of exceeds World Health Organization Standards for purity. Helpful link...


We welcome the opportunity to work with US government agencies (federal down to local municipalities) and Not-For-Profits to provide Water from Air Atmospheric Water Generators AT NO CHARGE to households and institutions in need of fresh drinking water. Helpful link...


Our volunteer staff ensures that 100% of the monies raised goes towards purchasing Water from Air units and delivering them to US communities in need. We appreciate your support.Helpful link...

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